“In order to create beauty, you must live in beauty”

FerrariFirenze is not a jewellery factory. Instead, we pride ourselves on our meticulous Italian craftsmanship. Ours is a dynamic workshop, staffed by passionate artisans, dedicated to the artistic integrity of every piece they create. Each component of every item of jewellery is lovingly crafted by hand. Each pendant is slowly and carefully considered. Each earring is lovingly designed.
We carry a further promise. All of our gold is 18 karat. Whether shimmering white, warm rose or classic yellow. All of our gemstones are unheated, natural and precious. Which means that as well as being beautiful, they are extremely rare and of exquisite quality. All of our diamonds respect the most stringent rules of the Kimberley Process, an international certification ensuring that they are not conflict, or ‘blood’ diamonds. Finally we ensure that all FerrariFirenze gemstones are ethically sourced and only originate from conflict-free zones.

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